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 How To Make RAM Dump Codes

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How To Make RAM Dump Codes Empty
PostSubject: How To Make RAM Dump Codes   How To Make RAM Dump Codes I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 04, 2012 1:49 am

Tutorial on How to make ram dumps for all games. I only have ram dumps for cod games so You will have to use Google for others


* Open Up HxD editor
* Drag the ram dump in HxD editor
* Click crtl + F ( A box should pop up )
* Make Sure search Direction is on "all" ( Its above the cancel button )
* in the "Search for" box type in a dvar or something you may want to find
* Im going to type in "g_knockback" Which is a ragdoll effect for call of duty modern warfare 3 so when you get shot you fly back. ( This ended up not existing so don't use it )
* After you search the word and random letters and numbers should be highlighted blue
* Click Crtl + E
* Then Crtl + C
* Then Close the box
* Click Crtl + F
* Change the datatype bar to "Hex-Values"
* In the search for box Paste the Number you copied ( Crtl + C copied it for you so just right click and paste )
* If it says could not find then the dvar has been patched or doesn't exist ( Continue reading if you didn't get this error)
* If it exist then paste you code mine is "714390" ( Note this code has been patched )
* add an 05 to the begging of it like "05714390"
* Now you got to add the value of the number you want the dvar
* So go to Gecko Codes (Click Me)
* Change it to what number you want in hex decimal if its Jump height, ammo, or something like that . If its Speed or something like that change the number to Float
* Once you get the number paste it to the end like 05714390 000003E7 ( 000003E7 = 999)
* Put an online activator 201D2644 FFFFFFFA
05714390 000003E7 put your cod in here
E0000000 80008000
* And Walla you just made a code bitch.

Here are some examples of dvar codes bully made
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How To Make RAM Dump Codes
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