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 Now To Install Homebrew/ GEt An ISO/ and Install A Mod Menu

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PostSubject: Now To Install Homebrew/ GEt An ISO/ and Install A Mod Menu   Sat Feb 04, 2012 1:41 am

Installing Homebrew
First we're going to softmod your wii using the smashstack exploit
this requires:
-4.3U firmware on your Wii
-2gb SD card (make sure its SD and not SDHC)
-Super Smash Bros Brawl game
-These files ?0eyo777ugdhef38

for the rest of the instructions just watch this video

Extracting an ISO

this is for people who want to extract ISO's off the CD's they already have. I personally use Wiiflow but i know for a fact other USB loaders can Rip ISO's, if you do just figure out how to rip the ISO and skip to step 6.

Step 1.Make sure wiiflow is working on your wii
Step 2.start wiiflow (Note:you will need some external memory device)
Step 3.go to setting and click on install game
Step 4.Insert CD
Step 5.Click ok and wait for wiiflow to download the game onto your external memory device
Step 6.Once its done plug your external memory device into your computer, you will notice the game is in .wbfs format on your memory device
Step 7.Run Wii Backup Manager and find the location of the game in .wbfs format
Step 8.once it shows up select it by clicking the box on the first column
Step 9.Click the Transfer button then click ISO and choose where you want the new ISO file to be located
Step 10.Sit back and wait, once its done you will have the ISO file for the game you want

Installing Mod Menu

for another Tutorial with pictures you can go here

for a Tutorial on how to add things to mod menus go here

Step 1.Download the necesary tools here
Step 2.Choose and Download the mod menu .ff file here
Step 3.Open in .ff viewer and open raw directory
Step 4.Find logic.gsc or globallogic.gsc and open it so you see the script
Step 5.scroll down and find where it says host name, host email, youtube
Step need to replace host name with your exact in game name, the others are optional, then SAVE (make sure its named common_level_temp_mp)
Step 7.In Trucha Signer folder open wiikeyset and click ok when prompted
Step Trucha Signer progam and click Select Keyset and click custom keyset1
Step 9.Open ISO then click on CD icon,open partition,then open root folder and scroll down and find common_level_temp_mp.ff
Step 10.Right Click and then click replace
Step 11. Find the common_level_temp_mp.ff file with the mod menu and select it
Step 12.Scroll back up to the partition and right click it, then select trucha sign it, then close the window
Step 13. you now have a modded ISO!! Congrats!! load it back up to your external memory device using whichever method you prefer and then plug that baby back into your wii and run the game through wiiflow or whatever usbloader you use
NOTE: Modded ISO's at the moment only work in Private when your the host

P.S Black ops ISO's must be set on any cIOS with Base57 to run properly
if you need to install a cIOS with base 57 then download this app

Hermes cIOS222 v5.1 9u4c2kdsq5no52z

when you go to your USB loader make sure Black Ops is set to run on IOS 224 and you're good to go

I'll update this should anything change in the process, to add pictures, or when i get time i'll add all exploits used to install homebrew
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PostSubject: Re: Now To Install Homebrew/ GEt An ISO/ and Install A Mod Menu   Wed May 30, 2012 4:40 pm

can someone help me get the gecko os or just gecko cus im getting mad at this
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PostSubject: Re: Now To Install Homebrew/ GEt An ISO/ and Install A Mod Menu   Fri Jun 21, 2013 12:31 am

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PostSubject: Re: Now To Install Homebrew/ GEt An ISO/ and Install A Mod Menu   

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Now To Install Homebrew/ GEt An ISO/ and Install A Mod Menu
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