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PostSubject: HOW TO CONVERT HEX   Sat May 19, 2012 7:31 pm

ive had to many problems with this in the past with mod's and i was so very confused(scratch) on what to put in place of the X's. many people dont know what to put in place of the X's so im going to try my best to help.

#1 first open a new tab

#2 go to

#3 then you want to open code manager

#4 then go back to geckocodes you should see two blue boxes and one large gray box with three small white boxe's inside of it

#5 you now need to find the code you want (such as: Xp Modifier[zSh0x] 05B05CC0 XXXXXXXX) and copy it and the paste it in the gray box in the first white box you see then press the down arrow. you should see a bunch of numbers pop up

such as: 30354230 35434330
20585858 58585858

then there should be three more down arrows. press any one of them and some thing like this should pop up

30354230 35434330
20585858 58585858

open up code manager and create a new code and copy and paste the numbers in the "code contents"

#6 go back to geckocodes and you then need to find the blue box with "Hex - Decimal" above it

#7 in that blue box there should be three white boxe's in the first box you need to put the value that you want for the hex/X's

for ex:05B05CC0 XXXXXXXX if i wanted the hex to be 01099000 i would put that in the first box. then after you put in the value

you can press the arrow pointing right -> it should give you somthing like this 17403904 this is what you need to put in place of the X's in code manager

#8 now you just need to press store mod's and send the code to your sd/usb and your done!cheers

a nother web site you can use is

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PostSubject: Re: HOW TO CONVERT HEX   Sat May 19, 2012 9:33 pm

Good tutorial bro. Very good.
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