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 How to get Log-in info and account info(VIDEO AND WRITTEN)

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PostSubject: How to get Log-in info and account info(VIDEO AND WRITTEN)   Tue May 15, 2012 7:37 pm

1st you need to have Gecko dnet or Gecko.NET downloaded
2nd you will need one of these ramdumps: ?9413k8d96d8sugo
3rd Once Downloaded extract the ramdumps and open Gecko dnet or Gecko.NET
4th go to Memview on Gecko.NET and click where it says USB Gecko and click open dump...
5th once you do that click on one of the dumps you extracted and where it says View make sure its on ANSI
6th type one of these in Ally List: 80A3F13C Recent Players: 809F50BD Proposals: 80A42950 and "ONLY A USB GECKO" Leaderboards: 80A42950 7th Now you will see something like this
8th now you go to view and click Hex
9th make sure you do exactly what the pic says:
10th relax your done you got everything done now all you do is put the code which is:
04A03BE0 000000XX
and hopp there account

Vids: Controls:
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How to get Log-in info and account info(VIDEO AND WRITTEN)
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