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 [SM8E52] MW3 zShox's Aiming Modifier

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[SM8E52] MW3 zShox's Aiming Modifier Empty
PostSubject: [SM8E52] MW3 zShox's Aiming Modifier   [SM8E52] MW3 zShox's Aiming Modifier I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 09, 2012 12:43 am

Aiming Modifier[zSh0x]
05127699 01000000
051277ED 01000000
05127831 01000000
05F8E3E7 01000000
054EBA27 01000000
05127B61 01000000
05127C71 01000000
05127CB5 01000000
05127CF9 01000000
051276DD XXXXXXXX <- Turnrate Yaw
05127721 XXXXXXXX <- Turnrate Pitch
05127765 XXXXXXXX <- Turnrate Yaw Ads
051277A9 XXXXXXXX <- Turnrate Pitch Ads
05127875 XXXXXXXX <- Deadzone Width
051278B9 XXXXXXXX <- Deadzone Height
051278FD XXXXXXXX <- Deadzone Width Ads
05127941 XXXXXXXX <- Deadzone Height Ads
05127985 XXXXXXXX <- Deadzone Scope
05127AD9 XXXXXXXX <- Lookspring Speed
05127B1D XXXXXXXX <- Zoom Offset
05127BA5 XXXXXXXX <- Ads Full Tracking
05127BE9 XXXXXXXX <- Ads Full Tracking X
05127C2D XXXXXXXX <- Ads Full Tracking Y

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[SM8E52] MW3 zShox's Aiming Modifier
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